Shiatsu For Horses

With Liz Eddy

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rsz_picture_005 LIZ EDDY
077 17 17 44 44
Liz trained with the late Pamela Hannay, senior instructor at the Ohashi Institute in New York and pioneer of equine shiatsu. Liz has been working with horses, riders and dogs since 1997 and has built up a large and varied practice throughout Scotland. Liz specialises in Zen Shiatsu where quality of touch is key. Five Element Theory is at the heart of Liz's work and helping people to understand how their horse reacts to certain situations is something many owners find beneficial. Clients range from internationally competing show-jumpers and eventers, to arthritic family pets. All horses enjoy Shiatsu and so if you feel your horse would benefit from a session, please do get in touch.

Since 2012, Liz has been the chair of the Equine Shiatsu Association (tESA)

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