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Diploma course - see below for next dates

This course is held over 2-2.5 years and is ratified by the Equine Shiatsu Association (tESA).

1st level - 4 weekends over 6 months.

Module 1. Yin/Yang - observation of horse speed/depth of pressure -all techniques for Bl meridian - poll work, Bl on neck, jiggling/stretching neck forward, Bl on back, rock the baby, hamstrings, rotating and stretching of hind hooves. Plus all techniques of intro weekend.

Module 2. As above plus lateral work all side stretches, neck and body, looking to find where Ki is and where it needs moved to grounding work tendons, hoof rotates etc

Module 3. Observation of horse while moving, having learnt all the techniques, now learning to choose the most appropriate. Biomechanics of movement anatomy (muscles and bones)

Module 4. Consolidation of all of the above.

All students will be assessed during the 1st module in their horse handling skills and advice given where necessary. In the event of there not being sufficient improvement by the 2nd module, students will need to attend a short course (2-3 hours) to ensure they meet the required standard.

2nd level - 5 weekends over 9 months.

Module 1. Location and function of hind leg meridians, rotations as a diagnostic tool, identifying different imbalances through stance, meridian stretches of the hind legs and angles of pressure while working. Learning how to identify and treat a full meridian and an empty one

Module 2. As above for front leg meridians

Module 3. Tutorial - to ensure knowledge of all meridians location, angles of pressure, rotations and stretches. Consolidation of tonification/dispersal techniques
Respiratory and circulatory systems

Module 4. Five Element theory how to identify a horse physically and emotionally. Cycle of creation, cycle of control, relationships of different elements - horse and human, identifying how a practitioner should behave with different elements. Discuss case studies.

Module 5. Tutorial putting it all together before end of 2nd year exams. Digestive system and common ailments.

3rd level - 5 weekends over 9 months

Module 1. Revision of 2nd year exam and case studies. Yu and Bo points, 3rd year case studies, discussion of the pathology and shiatsu treatment involved in arthritis, laminitis and sarcoids. Introduction to the science behind shiatsu covering the nervous system.

Module 2. Fine tuning of practical work and discussion of the pathology and shiatsu treatment involved in windgalls, cushings, cribbing, wind-sucking, weaving and box walking and ERS. How to interpret work done for owner.

Module 3 Tutorial practical work developing feel, being in hara during distractions

Module 4. Kyo/jitsu theory and practical. Identifying different sensations through touch. Mock practical exam. Skin and urinary systems.

Module 5. Tutorial fine tuning for practical exam making an energetic diagnosis
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(Date of Event: 20 Mar 2010)
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New course beginning soon........

We are please to announce that the next course will now begin on 18th/19th Sept 2021. Depending on numbers, we may have to split the group in order to maintain safe levels of working and so even if this date is not syuitable for you but you are interested in attending this course, please get in touch.
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